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Development Programs - Overview

NovaDigm's lead development candidate, NDV-31, is the first vaccine to provide preclinical "cross-kingdom" protection against both fungal and bacterial pathogens. In preclinical studies, the vaccine demonstrated protection against both vaginal and bloodstream infections due to the fungal pathogen Candida.2 NDV-3 also was protective in preclinical models for Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) skin and soft tissue and bloodstream infections.3,4

Results published from the first Phase 1 clinical trial in 40 healthy adults demonstrated that a single dose of the NDV-3 vaccine was safe, well-tolerated and induced strong antibody and T-cell immune responses.5 A second Phase 1 study in 160 healthy adults assessed dose levels, routes of administration and need for an aluminum-based adjuvant (often referred to as “alum”).6 Alum has a long track record of being a safe and effective adjuvant in a number of commercially available vaccines. The excellent results from these studies supported the Company’s initiation of a Phase 1b/2a clinical trial7 in patients diagnosed with recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (RVVC), a chronic condition that affects approximately seven million women in the United States.8

The Phase 1b/2a study of 188 women with RVVC met primary measures of safety, tolerability and immunogenicity and showed a statistically significant impact of the therapy vs placebo on the proportion of women who were recurrence-free at twelve months following a single dose of NDV-3A and an increase in time to first recurrence for those who continued to have symptoms.


  1. NDV-3 and NDV-3A are both formulations of a vaccine containing the N-terminal portion of the recombinant Als3 protein. NDV-3 was used during preclinical development and Phase 1 clinical studies and contains a histidine tag. NDV-3A, which does not contain a histidine tag, is the formulation that NovaDigm is moving forwards into later stage clinical development. NDV-3 and NDV-3A were compared during the Phase 1b/2a clinical study and their safety, tolerability and immunogenicity was found to be equivalent.
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